Why can't I right click on an image to save it?

Sorry, but too many people are stealing images from the internet these days.  We've placed additional security on our images to reduce theft.

Do you ever have a sale?

Short answer - yes.  Long answer - yes, but, when we have a sale, it is typically on pieces we've had in our inventory for quite some time or on pieces with minor flaws.  Also, we do offer a discount if you purchase multiple pieces in the same order.  Contact us for discount levels. 

I work for a non-profit agency, will you donate a piece for our auction?

We've had to change our policy on this.  We used to donate pieces but would never hear back (such as a thank you) from most agencies.  Our current policy is that if it's a cause we strongly believe in then, yes, we will donate a piece.  If it's a cause we are interested in, we might offer a piece at our cost for your auction.  If it's just looking to make some extra cash so you can take a trip - let's not waste each other's time.

Do you teach classes or take people on trips with you?

We are always more than happy to answer any question you may have.  We do not offer group tours.  However, if you are interested in joining us in the field to learn how to capture images like you see on this website, please call or email for details.